New Designees

Melissa K-A Chandler, RES


Melissa K-A Chandler, RES fulfilled the requirements of the Residential Evaluation Specialist in May. Ms. Chandler serves as Residential Real Estate Assessment Manager for the Orange County Property Appraiser, a position she has held for two and one-half years. Before joining this office in 2014, she performed fee appraisals as a certified residential real estate appraiser. As the market and government regulations changed, she made the transition to the private sector and performed high-level reviews for properties across the country and managed large teams in performing review work. Ms. Chandler graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in real estate with a minor in sports business management. She holds the Certified Florida Evaluator (CFE) designation from the Florida Department of Revenue and the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute, for which she advises candidates for designation and will serve as director of the East Florida Chapter from 2018-2020. Ms. Chandler is a member of the Florida Chapter IAAO and served as a volunteer at the 2016 IAAO Annual Conference in Tampa. On her role in ad valorem assessment, she has been “amazed at the many facets of appraising the ever-changing market, especially dealing with 400,000 parcels.”


John H. Geier II, RES


John H. Geier II, RES earned the Residential Evaluation Specialist designation in May. For the past twelve years, Mr. Geier has been a Senior Appraiser, Real Property for the County Assessor's Office, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He began his assessment career in this office as a temp worker, assigned to measure and list new construction. He was hired full time in September 2004 and has since worked his way to his present position in the commercial division. Mr. Geier is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, earning a Bachelor of Science in history. He also holds a Master’s of Science in Administration (MSA) from Central Michigan University. Prior to his assessment career, Mr. Geier served in the United States Marine Corps, where he taught the Security Supervisors Course at Marine Corps Security Forces Training Center – Atlantic; he was Second-In-Command for this school with an annual student throughput of more than 2,000 students. For his service, he has been decorated with the Defense Meritorious Service Medal & Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal.


Don Horton, RES


Don Horton, RES completed the requirements of the Residential Evaluation Specialist designation in May. Mr. Horton is Vice President Appraisal Services for Arkansas CAMA Technology, Inc. (ACT). He joined ACT in 1996 as a project director, holding this position until 1999 when he became a regional appraisal manager, before assuming his present position in 2013. Prior to his work with ACT, he served as senior appraiser for Jefferson County, Arkansas from 1990 to 1995 and one year as a property record auditor with the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department. Mr. Horton attended Arkansas State University, Jonesboro and is an active member of the Arkansas Chapter of IAAO, serving as a regional board member and is currently the chapter’s president. “I moved to a new city in 1990 and had been without a job for 3 months. It came time to assess my vehicle so that I could renew my car tags.  When I walked into the assessor’s office I noticed a sign advertising a real estate appraiser position and, having nothing to lose, I decided to ask for an application.  After 27 years in the business I'd say it's turned into a pretty good career decision.  Jewette Farley used to call this the accidental profession.”


Robert Alan McCarty, RES


Robert Alan McCarty, RES met the requirements of the Residential Evaluation Specialist designation in May. Mr. McCarty is a residential appraiser with the Travis Central Appraisal District in Austin, Texas, a position he has held since 2011. He began his assessment career as a commercial real estate appraiser in Houston, Texas in 1990. He left in 1993 and returned to the profession in 1998 as a residential fee appraiser in San Antonio Texas through 2007. He then worked for Dallas County Public Works as a right of way appraiser through 2011 before starting his present position. Mr. McCarty holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Aside from IAAO education, he has completed courses with the Appraisal Institute and the International Right of Way Association. Mr. McCarty has been a Texas Certified General Appraiser since 2003, an SRA Member of the Appraisal Institute since 2008, a Registered Professional Appraiser since 2015, and is a Texas Real Estate Broker.


Vince McLaren, AAS


Vince McLaren, AAS earned the Assessment Administration Specialist designation in May. Mr. McLaren is a Commercial Appraiser II with the Palm Beach County (Florida) Property Appraiser’s Office, an office he has served for 13 years. He began as a commercial building evaluator and was quickly promoted to appraiser, responsible for assessing commercial land.  In 2010 he was given the responsibility of assessing golf and country clubs along with drugstores and medical office buildings throughout Palm Beach County. Prior to joining the assessment office, Mr. McLaren worked as a fee appraiser for one year. Before joining the profession, he spent 13 years in the golf business, working his way to Head Professional/General Manager for two golf clubs located in Palm Beach County.


Loren A. Williams, RES


Loren A. Williams, RES fulfilled the requirements of the Residential Evaluation Specialist designation in May. Ms. Williams serves as a Residential Valuation Analyst for the Harris County (Texas) Appraisal District. She began with Harris County in December 2011 as a Residential Field Appraiser. In 2012, she accepted the role of Business Personal Property Valuation Analyst for two years before returning to the residential department in her present position. Ms. Williams holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration in management and marketing from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. She is a Certified Texas Property Tax Education Coalition course instructor and a Registered Professional Appraiser in the state of Texas. Her motto and advice for others is, "treat life like a sponge, and soak up as much knowledge as you can.”