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June 2018 F+E
The June Fair+Equitable cover story looks at the 40th anniversary of the passage of Proposition 13 in California and its impact on property taxes in the state.
In addition, you'll read a report on what impact climate change could have on the assessment industry. Also covered in this month's issue includes the following:
  • Article on leadership and management and their connection and styles
  • Preview of a program at the upcoming IAAO Annual Conference in Minneapolis on bringing marijiuana on to the tax rolls in Maricopa County
  • Fun facts and information on Minneapolis
  • Review of select state property tax legislation action in 2018
  • Update on exposure of revised governing documents
  • Information on new IAAO Library resources on telecommunication towers.
We appreciate you being an IAAO Member! Please contact us with any questions about using your benefits and resources in 2018. We're here for you!

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