Conference Round Tables

Tuesday, September 25

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm - Exhibit Hall

Provide input, ask questions and engage with your peers on a topic at lunch on Tuesday. Led by a facilitator, roundtables will provide a forum to focus on a specific subject and meet others with similar issues of interest.

State & Provincial Property Tax

Facilitator: Patrick Santoso, Axiomatic

Join State and Provincial Property Tax Directors and Administrators and staff to discuss issues that affect state and provincial property taxation oversight and administration. To support an exciting and dynamic discussion, please come prepared to provide a 5 minute overview of what your state or provincial property tax division is responsible for and the challenges you face. Discussion topics include state (centrally) assessed valuation (utility, railroad, pipeline), data accessibility, ratio studies and equalization, transfer tax administration, exemption and credit administration, assessment oversight and much more.

Designations Q&A

Facilitator: Terry Taylor, CAE, RES, Orange County, FL

Join members of IAAO’s Professional Development Committee to discuss your questions about designations. If you are thinking of pursuing a designation or have questions about your candidacy or recertification requirements, this is your opportunity to speak with those who know in a conversational setting. Bring your questions and learn from others’ inquiries.

Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration

Facilitator: Brian Gordineer AAS, Petersburg, VA

This session will be a round table discussion about IAAO's Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration program. Participants will be joined by members from jurisdictions that have achieved the CEAA. If you have been thinking about participating in the program, now is the time to come learn from those that have gone before you!

Personal Property Reporting, Auditing and Assessing

Facilitator: Kellianne Nagy, CAE, Mecklenburg County, NC

Accurately cataloging personal property is challenging for those charged with reporting it to the appropriate assessment jurisdiction. Just as difficult for the assessor charged with properly valuing the property is the discovery and assessment of personal property. The audit of the reported property poses additional challenges. What are best practices for the administration of a personal property tax? What situations and procedures give practitioners nightmares? Join this roundtable to share your tips to avoid heartburn!

IAAO Professional Consulting Services (PCS): What do we have to offer?

Facilitator: Larry Clark, CAE, IAAO

IAAO has been the agent that matches members who want to share their skills with jurisdictions that need them for many years. That process became more formalized with the recent creation of Professional Consulting Services of IAAO, LLC. Stop by and learn how we can help you boost your jurisdictions performance or how you can share your skills with other members and be a part of the PCS team!

IAAO and Young Professionals (U40’s)

Facilitators: Travis Horne, City of Saskatoon, SK and Amy Vermillion, Poweshiek County, IA

Join the discussion with other young professionals in IAAO; a group affectionately referred to as U40’s! How does the IAAO influence a U40’s career? What would a younger IAAO member get that others may not? What impact have U40’s made in the IAAO – were they all positive? The answers to these questions next on – IAAO and U40’s – tangible benefits.


Facilitator: Jake Parkinson, Tooele County, UT

Are you aware that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now accept certain loans without a traditional appraisal, instead relying on automated valuation models or other valuation tools? When are appraisal waivers allowed, and when are hybrid appraisals used? AQB revisions effective May 1, 2018 will serve to reduce or eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry into the real estate appraisal profession in the US. What is an Evaluation? Who can perform one? When are they used? Come discuss all of these hot topics in the appraisal industry and feel free to bring your own ideas as well!


Facilitator: Bob Ehler, and Scott Johnson, RES, Cedar Rapids, IA

Farm, ranch, homestead, plantation. Agricultural land may look different around North America and globally. No matter what you call it, sometimes things aren’t as different as they seem. Come share issues that you’re facing in your jurisdiction and learn from your colleagues about Pollution Control Exemptions, the difficulty assessing market value on agricultural buildings, valuing agricultural land at market value or productivity value.

Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM)

Facilitator: August Dettbarn, Douglas County, KS

The roles of Automated Valuation Models and their developers in public and private sectors. Misuse of AVMs by end users, can it be controlled? Do AVMs and the new remote sensing methods bring an end to boots on the ground? Are regional AVMs replacing the local assessor with a black box? Gun fight at the AVM corral who’s AVM is producing the correct value?

Preparing for Retirement - How to Stay Involved

Facilitators: Deborah Ring, S. Jay Graber, and Tom May, AAS

Retirement from the day-to-day responsibilities of a full-time position can free some extremely talented IAAO members to share their knowledge and skills with assessing officers through involvement as committee members, instructors, authors, mentors, volunteers, and---well, you see the possibilities are endless! This roundtable will be led by three assessors who have found retirement has freed them to share with others in ways not possible before! Retired or looking forward to it? Join us!

Geospatial Analysis

Facilitator: Kara Endicott, CAE, RES, Johnson County KS

IAAO has identified a void in Geospatial Education as it relates to the assessment/appraisal world. Come and be part of this exciting new opportunity! We will discuss what the foundation of geospatial education should look like and how we can build the framework for an entirely new track of education for assessment professionals! You won’t want to miss it!

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