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2018 Election Information

Information for members interested in running for the IAAO Executive board has been posted. Information must be submitted by July 1 for the elections, which will take place in November. 

New Assessment Tools

IAAO has unveiled the new Compensation Estimator as a quick and easy comparative analysis tool for IAAO members. The tool’s data is based on the findings of the IAAO Assessment Industry Compensation Survey conducted by Readex Research and can be a helpful guide for your strategic planning and professional development efforts. Estimated results are based upon approximately 3,000 responses to the survey that included compensation information. Members can check out the tool at www.iaao.org/estimator.

Succession Planning Toolkit

IAAO has created a Succession Planning Toolkit to serve as a succession planning guide specifically for valuation agencies. We created the Toolkit to help our members incorporate leadership development within their strategic planning efforts since most offices are facing a large number of employees retiring in the near future and will need to cultivate our next generation of assessment industry leaders. The toolkit is available to download at www.iaao.org/successionplanning.

Big-Box Paper

IAAO released the association's position paper on valuing big-box stores. The paper, "Commercial Big-Box Retail: A Guide to Market-Based Valuation," was published by the Special Committee on Big Box Valuation, under the direction of the IAAO Research Subcommittee and IAAO Executive Board. The IAAO position paper focuses on key elements assessment officials consider when addressing Big Box store valuation.

Assessment Brochure

To assist members in providing information about the assessment process, IAAO has developed a public information brochure, Understanding Your Assessment, explaining how the value of property is estimated and what causes it to change. Copies of the brochure are available to purchase online in quantities of 50 at $17 per each 50. For a free sample of this brochure, please send your mailing address to Pamela Meyers (meyers@iaao.org) with UYA Sample in the subject line. A sample brochure will be mailed to you.

IAAO 2018 Election Information

Salary Estimator

Succession Planning Toolkit

IAAO Big-Box Paper Available

Conference Registration Open

Registration for the 84th Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration, September 23–26, 2018 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, is now open!

Prep & Trial Seminar

Registration is also open for the 2018 Preparation and Trial of the Property Tax Appeal Seminar, set to take place at the University of North Carolina - School of Government on June 7-8. The School of Government is located in the Knapp-Sanders Building on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The IAAO Legal Committee is presenting this two-day training for attorneys, assessors, and appraisal personnel who want to be better prepared for appeals. The topics will focus on trial ethics, the use of technology at trial, analyzing appraisal reports, review appraisers and rebuttal witnesses, and trial mechanics. Besides the mock trial, attendees will also hear experts speak, participate in deliberations, and hear panel discussions from various viewpoints. The subject property of the mock trial is a hotel.


IAAO's May webinar, "The importance of Customer Service & Information Technology," will discuss the technology the Santa Fe County Assessor's office has implemented in recent years and how their office created a positive relationship with their community by valuing customer service at every level.

2018 Annual Conference

2018 Prep & Trial Seminar

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Industry Events

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  • May 16 2018
    The Importance of Customer Service & Information Technology 05/16/2018 IAAO Webinar Series - Santa Fe County Assessor’s Office will discuss the technology they’ve implemented in recent years and how their office created a positive relationship with their community by valuing customer service at every level. The County worked to increase public knowledge about the assessment process by reaching out both online, print, and in person. Attendees should be motivated individuals looking for new and old ideas to find ways to promote information and customer service utilizing technology available in today’s world to build relationships within their communities.

    Presented by Daniel Fresquez, Guz Martinez, Isaiah Romero, & Jessica Ulibarri
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  • June 7 2018
    Preparation and Trial Seminar 06/07/2018 The two-day seminar is for attorneys, assessors, and appraisal personnel who want to be better prepared for appeals that progress to court hearings. Add to Calendar
  • September 23 2018
    84th Annual Conference On Assessment Administration 09/23/2018 Join IAAO for the 84th Annual Conference on Assessment Administration in Minneapolis. The annual conference provides educational sessions, networking, special events, and exhibits. Add to Calendar
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Looking for an IAAO resource? Find all of our internationally recognized publications, standards, and periodicals here. Members have full access to the IAAO Library as well as AssessorNet, our member networking tool.

The library recently released two new subject guides. The Sharing Economy Subject Guide provides links to articles, reports and websites with information on this new part of the economy. On landfills, there are two different ways to look at the valuation of landfills and the subject guide provides sources on both the appraisal of the landfill itself and also the impact on the surrounding properties. 

Subject Guide on Room Sharing Economy

New Landfill Subject Guide

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