Exhibitor Badge Scanning

IAAO will be offering LeadCapture to Exhibitors again this year and firms can capture attendee information from visitors at their booth in Denver by purchasing and using Cvent's LeadCapture badge scanning software on their own devices.

Exhibitors can download the Cvent LeadCapture app from the Apple Store or Google Play, assign a purchased license, and scan badges using their Apple or Android phones or tablets. (Devices are not available to rent from Cvent but iPads are available to rent from third-party firms.)

IAAO can upload information to your firm's exhibitor account and you can log into your account to:

  • Purchase and assign LeadCapture license(s) from Cvent to registered staff
  • Customize Lead Qualification questions
  • Export lead information upon collection

IAAO can provide a test badge to use prior to the event to review the system and the badge scanning process. An example Excel export file of the data collected is available to view.


The LeadCapture software is available to purchase from Cvent at the following cost.
LeadCapture First Device Software License Per Organization - $249
LeadCapture Additional Device Software License Per Organization - $149
LeadCapture Bundle of three Software License Per Organization - $499
Badge Kit API for Exhibitors using External solutions - Per Organization - $995

Use the button below to request your LeadCapture setup or email Mike Ardis at ardis@iaao.org.

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