Membership Madness

Shelia Hulin of King County, Washington won the 2023 Membership Madness contest for referring new members in March and will receive a FREE IAAO Self-Study Course and a bundle of IAAO swag.

Each IAAO Membership Madness matchup was decided by a coin flip and all coin flips, including the winner of the final bracket, were revealed on YouTube on Monday, April 3. IAAO Membership Madness bracket entries were reserved for the first 32 IAAO members who refer a new member, as well as the new member they refer, between March 1 and March 31.

As part of the rules, for current members to be eligible, the new member must include the current IAAO member’s name on their application. One entry per IAAO member. To refer a member, the new member had to include the referal name on the membership application form, available at