Leading Multigenerations

This year's theme for the Emerging Leaders' Summit is leading multigenerations. Leading multigenerations in an office can have its challenges. When stereotypes are identified, leaders can embrace the diversity that multigenerations of employees bring to the workplace.
In doing so, leaders are able to go from managing a group of multiple generation individuals to building and leading a diverse and high-performing team. The Emerging Leaders' Summit is designed for early to mid-career managers who have a desire to advance within the assessment profession and to grow as leaders.

Summit Schedule

The program will be presented in three parts: two webinars (scheduled for 1-3:00 pm Central on July 28 and 10:00 am - Noon Central on Aug. 10) and a third session (Mind the Gap! How to Navigate Intergenerational Communication Gaps in the Workplace) at 10:30 - 11:30 am Eastern on Aug. 31 at the IAAO Annual Conference in Boston. The final session will also be recorded for those unable to attend. Attendees taking part in the full series will earn five IAAO continuing education hours.

The 3rd and final 2022 Emerging Leaders’ Summit session, Mind the Gap! How to Navigate Intergenerational Communication Gaps in the Workplace is being presented by the Women’s Initiative Network. With a focus on embracing the diversity of a multigenerational work force, facilitators Chesney Leafblad, CIAO-Master, and Jessica McNiel, RES, representing the Women’s Initiative Network, will present ways that leaders can shift from mitigating generational issues to developing a high-performing team. All conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Leafblad is the Immediate Past President of the Illinois Chapter of the IAAO and served on the IAAO Local Host Task Force for the 2021 Annual Conference in Chicago. Chesney is a course developer and instructor for the Illinois Property Assessment Institute and serves on the Annual Conference Program Committee and as Chairperson of the IPAI Education Committee. She is also the Chairperson of the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer’s Association, Vice President of the Lake County Township Assessor’s Association, member of the Illinois Property Tax Advisory Committee – Sales Ratio Studies and member of the Women’s Property Tax Association

McNeil has been in the assessment industry for more than eight years and works for the Polk County Assessor’s Office. She obtained her RES and ICA (Iowa Certified Assessor) certification in 2020, and is currently working towards her AAS designation. Jessica is co-chair of the IAAO 2022 Women’s Initiative Network (WIN). Prior to working in property appraisal she spent over a decade doing archaeological surveys and coordinating the resulting reports. Jessica holds BA from the University of Iowa specializing in Anthropology & Archaeology.


Fees for the Emerging Leaders' Summit are $295 for IAAO members and $395 for non-members and registration and closed on June 30.  Scholarships are available to members to attend. For more information, see the scholarship page. Conference registration is handled separately.

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Emerging Leaders' Self-Study Course - Grow into Coaching

Based on the 2021 Emerging Leaders' Summit, this is the first self-study course in the Emerging Leaders’ curriculum. The course will use the GROW Coaching Model and a growth mindset is emphasized.

Old command and control leadership methods no longer service employees or organizational growth. According to the Harvard Business Review, managers who practice a coaching leadership style ask questions instead of providing answers, support employees instead of criticizing them, and facilitate employee development through empowerment. Participants in this self-paced program focus on leading through coaching.

As part of the course, registrants gain access to three eLearning modules: engaging activities, supplementary materials, and will receive a copy of the book “Coaching for Performance” by Sir John Whitmore, which is referenced throughout the course.

The course is self-study and can be completed at the student's pace. Course fees are $249 for IAAO members and $329 for nonmembers.

Grow into Coaching Course Registration