Diversity & Inclusion

IAAO has launched a demographic data collection campaign asking members to update their member profile information and participants will be entered in a drawing for $50 gift cards.

The profile information will include more member detail than collected in previous years. This information will be used to assess IAAO’s current membership makeup and highlight the rich diversity of our current global community. 
Profile updates are a focus point for the IAAO Diversity and Inclusion Task Force up until the Annual Conference in August.  The Task Force will be giving away $50 gift cards, provided by Tyler Technologies, to participants biweekly, from June 15 through Aug. 24, then twice during the conference (one for a virtual attendee and one for an in-person attendee). 
All answers are optional, and all submitted information will remain confidential and only be released in aggregate form, such as, “XX% of members report they are elected.” 

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IAAO Initiatives

Last year, 2020 IAAO President Amy Rasmussen asked the Board of Directors and IAAO to launch a series of activities to recruit black and minority candidates into the assessment and tax policy profession in order to make the assessment industry more reflective of our communities.
In addition, IAAO will work to engage and welcome those candidates into the ranks of IAAO, foster their development into IAAO designated assessment professionals, provide expanded volunteer positions for previously underrepresented populations in the IAAO, and finally, provide new pathways to leadership positions in IAAO, both in our volunteer and professional staff ranks.

IAAO is asking members for the following demographic information to get a better idea of who our members are to better tailor our programs and events. IAAO's goal is to have a better idea of who our members are and who is in the industry to ensure that we reflect the jurisdictions we represent. 

Recently, IAAO members and those in the appraiser community participated in a survey conducted by The Appraisal Foundation focusing on gathering diversity-related demographic data and opinions and results were recently released. Results of the IAAO surveys will be released following completion of the surveys.