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IAAO is committed to providing information that allows taxpayers to better understand what the property tax is and how it is used. The association supports property tax systems that are fair and equitable and that accurately reflect each taxpayer's obligation to support public services that are funded in this way. IAAO also encourages taxpayers to fully understand their role in supporting local services such as school funding, police and fire protection, streets, libraries, and other public benefits, through the property tax.

Understanding Your Assessment

To assist members in providing information about the assessment process, IAAO has developed a public information brochure, "Understanding Your Assessment", explaining how the value of property is estimated and what causes it to change. Copies of the brochure are available to purchase online in quantities of 50 at $17 per each 50. For a free sample of this brochure, please send your mailing address to Ashley Lathrop ( with UYA Sample in the subject line. A sample brochure will be mailed to you. To purchase these brochures you will need to create an account for NextPage Studios who will handle the fulfillment of your online order.

For the Property Owner Who Wants to Know 

The brochure below, "For the Property Owner Who Wants to Know",  can be posted to your website and they can be printed for distribution to taxpayers who visit your office. Contact for more information on this member benefit.

Provides a general overview of property tax systems and how they work.


Public Information Awards Program
IAAO recognizes assessment jurisdictions that have developed and implemented an effective system for the dissemination to taxpayers of information regarding the assessment process.

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