Assessment Videos Directory

Many jurisdictions have produced excellent videos on assessment topics and made them available online to the general public. They are organized here under each state with a short description. Also included are videos from other organizations on various assessment topics.

If you would like to recommend a video for inclusion in this directory, send an email to the Director of Library Services


Title: Your Assessment Appeal Video Training Series
Note: California State Board of Equalization created this set of 8 videos on the following topics: Introduction, Decline in market value, Base year value, Reassessment after calamity, Escape assessment and roll changes, filling out the application, Preparing for your hearing, and Your hearing.

Title: Property Tax Exemptions PowerPoint with Audio Training
Note: Training done by California State Board of Equalization for non-profit organizations such as faith-based, welfare or veteran’s organizations.

Title: Nonprofit Virtual Seminar – Property Tax Exemptions
Note: Video for Nonprofit, Faith-based, Welfare and Veterans’ Organizations that explains property tax exemptions. Done by the California State Board of Equalization. 



Title: Value Adjustment Board (VAB) Training
Note: The Department of Revenue has produced an online orientation video for Florida value adjustment board members. This brief video provides an overview of Florida’s property tax system and describes the roles and responsibilities of board members, board attorneys, board clerks, and special magistrates.



Title: Canyon County, ID– Assessor – Idaho Property Tax Video
Note: Public relations video on the property tax process in Idaho.


Title: Lake County – Property Tax and Assessment Facts
Note: Interview with Chief Assessment Officer, Martin Paulson (30 minutes).

Title: Lake County – Budget/Tax Levy Cycle & Assessment/Tax Bill Process
Note: Explains the budgeting and assessment process in under 2 minutes using diagrams and charts.


Title: Riley County -- Who Are Appraisers? 
Note: Animated explanation of what appraisers do.

Title: Riley County-- Property Taxes
Note: Animated explanation of what property taxes are and why we need them.


Title: File Your Minnesota Homeowner's Property Tax Refund Online
Note: The Minnesota Department of Revenue offers free electronic filing for homeowners who qualify for a Property Tax refund. This video explains who qualifies to e-file and provides the list of information needed to file for your refund online.

New York

Title: About Property Taxes and Assessments
Note: A brief overview of the Real Property Tax in New York State, including how property is assessed and how property taxes are calculated.

Title: Is Your Assessment Fair?
Note: Assessments should roughly reflect the value for which you can sell your property. However, assessing property is not a science and sometimes you may disagree with the assessor's estimate.

Title: Contesting Your Property Assessment
Note: Information on how to contest your property assessment if you think it's inaccurate.

Title: Property Tax Exemptions
Note: If you pay property taxes in New York State, you may be entitled to certain exemptions that can lower your tax bills.

North Carolina

Title: Forsyth County 2009 Tax Revaluation – Get the Facts
Note: Would you like to know more about the 2009 Forsyth County tax revaluation? Watch the short video below featuring Forsyth County Tax Assessor/Collector Pete Rodda. Released February 26, 2009.



Title: Property Tax Values- 3 Very Similar Homes, But Very Different Tax Bills 
Note: Deschutes County Assessor, Scot Langton, wants to prepare taxpayers for an interesting combination of Measure 50 consequences, market fluctuation and economic circumstance coming this fall. When property tax statements are mailed in October, some Deschutes County homeowners may be a little surprised when they look at their tax bill. The property tax "fairy" explains the effects of Measure 50 and how taxpayers can use the county web site to graph their property value over time.



Title: Property Tax Assistance Division Training Videos
Note: Taxpayers and practitioners are invited to participate in videos hosted by the Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD). Categories include appraisal, appraisal review board, arbitration, and truth in taxation. Approximately 30 videos.

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District iFile & iSettle
Note: Chief Appraiser Jim Robinson discusses how property owners can protest their appraised value online through HCAD's iFile program, and how you may be able to settle your value online without coming to HCAD in person by using the iSettle program. (2:57 mins.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District Residential Informal Meetings
Note: Describes the advantages of an informal meeting with an HCAD appraiser before a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board. Explains definition of market value and reviews how to get evidence concerning your property's value. (2:49 mins.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District Required Homestead Application Changes
Note: Explains the new requirements passed by the Texas Legislature in 2011 for documents needed when you file a homestead application. (4:07 min.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District New Programs at HCAD
Note: Chief Appraiser Jim Robinson discusses the commitment of the appraisal district to be proactive in developing new programs that assist you the property owner with the most important property in Harris County: yours. (3:46 mins.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District Communicating with HCAD
Note: Identifies the 4 main ways to communicate with the appraisal district: by email, by telephone to our call center, by walk-in service in our Information and Assistance Center, or by first class mail. (3:59 mins.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District Challenge of Appraisals
Note: Discusses the challenges of appraising property in Harris County. The sheer scope and complexity of a local economy that totals approximately one-fifth of the entire state's property value is staggering. (3:21 mins.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District Neighborhoods in Transition
Note: Discusses how HCAD appraises neighborhoods that are in a state of change as existing properties are re-developed into something new. (2:38 mins.)

Title: Harris Central Appraisal District Role of the Taxpayer Liaison Officer
Note: Explains the role of the Taxpayer Liaison Officer (TLO) for the Board of Directors of the HCAD. (3:29 mins.)

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Introduction & Message from Chief Appraiser
Note: All about one of the 254 central appraisal districts in Texas.

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Property Inspection
Note: Property inspection procedures in WCAD.

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Overview of Appraisal District Functions
Note: Overview of appraisal district functions in WCAD.

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Protest Phase
Note: Covers the protest process in Williamson Central Appraisal District in Texas.

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Residential Valuation
Note: Residential valuation process in Williamson Central Appraisal District, Texas.

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Business Personal Property
Note: Information on how to file annual required renditions in WCAD.

Title: Williamson Central Appraisal District Agricultural Special Valuation
Note: How to file the required application and questionnaire in WCAD.



Title: City of Richmond, British Columbia Property Taxes 101
Note: Property taxes are calculated based on the assessment values set by BC Assessment. This video provides a simplified explanation of the relationship between your assessment value and your property taxes.

Miscellaneous Videos

The Appraisal Foundation (TAF)
Title: 2012-2013 USPAP Update for State Regulators
Note: Presented by Barry Shea, Vice Chair, Appraisal Standards Board, TAF. Duration is approximately 1 hour.

Title: An Introduction to Green Buildings and Their Valuation
Note: This set of videos includes instruction on LEED Certification, federal efforts to drive greater energy efficiency, and green building valuation. The series includes both presentation slides and a video of the presenter.

Title: Mock Administrative Hearing
Note: A set of 5 videos covering the state's presentation, the respondent's presentation, closing arguments, the judges decision, and Q&A. High quality training for appeal boards, assessors, and appraisers.

Title: ESRI's TV Channel on YouTube
Note: ESRI company videos include technical demonstrations, industry seminar presentations, and many topical subjects on ESRI products. Currently has about 150 videos.